Versions of the show

Fear Factory haunted house OFFERS TWO VERSIONS OF THE SHOW, You are asked, to GET familiar with every version AND SELECT ,WHICH you are interested in.

Basic version

Each show is very individual and adapted to the group. The time and form of the show depends on the participants. It usually takes about 30 minutes to about 40 minutes. It depends on the scenario that the group will create, because there are no same shows. Riddles are a constant elements, but even on a second visit, you should give us information that you have visited us earlier, so we can change our acting. This version uses a lot of diffrent props to build ambiance (water, air, etc.) and mechanical props. Also in basic version there is an “abduction” of one of the participants of the group.

Medium version

It’s a form of a show that combines elements from the basic version and from the hard version. We have created it for people who are looking for a stronger experience, but don’t want to decide on such an extensive and intense form of fun that you will find in hard version. This show is very elastic, because using the communicates you can reduce or increase the interaction with actors and their intrusiveness towards players during the show. In this version, we find props from a stronger version, but this is not a show mainly focused on physical sensations. Medium stands out above all the possibility of entering a different, more dynamic level or directing the show in a more stable way. In short, you only have what you allow.

Hard version

This show was designed for those who are not just scared of adrenaline or fear, but for those who already have experience of visiting the haunted houses and would like to try something new. The show is individual and depending on what the group agreed for.

This show is under the customer’s needs .
Because of the props used during the show, this is a form of fun for people who are completely healthy without any heart disease or metal parts in the body.

Significantly different from the basic version. Acting is more intrusive and aggressive .
In addition, other props are used during the show (water, air, electricity – but in a different intensity and different power than the basic version)
As in the basic version, the actors have the right to abduct one of them.

If there is such a situation in the scenario,  this person does not lose anything ointhe show, she has an individual show with the actors.
Sometimes there is the possibility of saving such a person. You can often only look at gag and tie without help.  This form gains more and more audience,  and it is an amazing experience that remains in memory for a long time. If you meet the health conditions, and you feel that it is just something for you,write or call us, then we will give you detailed information.

Child version

Children’s version was created, because many parents decide to choose Fear Factory as a place of entertainment with their childs. It was created primarily for our youngest recipients, and also for adults who are very sensitive and delicate – that’s why they don’t want to decide on stronger versions. The show focuses mainly on integrating the group and solving puzzles. There is an element of fear, but it is not crucial. Interacting with the actors is limited, and props from the other versions are turned off, which allows us to satisfy even the most fearful people.

In every version, you can stop the show at any time by saying STOP and raising your hands up. Then the person is taken away from the show, the rest of group can continue (at least 2 people have to stay to remain the show).

Fear Factory Kraków

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Opening Hours:

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